• 1 cup mixed berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc.) – Ensure they are frozen or fresh and do not contain any added gluten-based ingredients.
      • 1/2 cup plain yogurt or dairy-free yogurt (check the label for gluten)
      • 1/2 cup milk or dairy-free milk (check the label for gluten)
      • 1-2 tablespoons honey or maple syrup (for sweetness, ensure they are gluten-free)
      • Instructions:

                1. Check the labels of your yogurt and milk to make sure they are gluten-free. Many plain yogurts and milk are naturally gluten-free, but it’s essential to verify.
                2. In a blender, combine the mixed berries, yogurt, milk, and sweetener (honey or maple syrup).
                3. Blend the mixture until it’s smooth and well combined.
                4. Taste the smoothie and adjust the sweetness or consistency by adding more honey or milk if necessary.
                5. Pour your gluten-free Perfect Berry Smoothie into a glass.
                6. Serve and enjoy your delicious gluten-free berry smoothie.

        Please be cautious when adding any additional ingredients or toppings to your smoothie. Check the labels of any added items like protein powders, granola, or other mix-ins to ensure they are also gluten-free. If you have celiac disease or a severe gluten intolerance, it’s crucial to avoid cross-contamination by using clean utensils and equipment. Always check food labels and ingredients to ensure they are safe for your dietary needs.

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